the Bio

The Bongo Furys are a force to be reckoned with in the Sacramento music scene. Since 2005, they've been the city's only prog rock band with a flair for playing the bizarre and sometimes risqué works of one of America's most prolific modern composers, music and film producers, and free-speech activists: Frank Zappa. The Bongo Furys consist of talented musicians, each bringing their own unique musical background to the stage, but united by their love for Zappa's eclectic and off-the-wall style.

These musicians bring Zappa's music to life with their energetic and faithful performances, showcasing the master composer's diverse discography and keeping his spirit alive. The Bongo Furys are known for their explicit humor with a sound track like no other. Their performances have earned them a dedicated fanbase in the Sacramento area and they've played at numerous venues and festivals, leaving audiences in awe of their musicianship and showmanship. So if you're looking for a wild ride filled with unexpected twists and turns, be sure to catch The Bongo Furys before they get cited with a cease and desist!

the Band

For a bunch of home grown hippies looking for a chuckle, testing the limits of our musical abilities, we surprise ourselves sometimes balancing being a purist and treat with upmost respect, while other times... we may poke fun with it. And fun is the reason we came together.

Thanks to all the folks supporting live music and we hope to see you at our upcoming shows. - Todd Perez

Todd Perez - Guitar/Vocals
Will Scharff - Keyboards/Vocals
Tom Borsdorf - Bass/Vocals
Gus Greterman - Drums/Vocals
John Webster - Percussion
Dena Hammad - Vocals/assorted Instruments
Lisa Cachia - Vocals

the Music

Disclosure time. Just in case you were curious what we might be playing from such a vast catalog of music (more than 40 albums), these are a small sample of what you can expect from the Zappa side of our material.

Baby Snakes
I Am The Slime
Don't Eat the Yellow Snow
Dirty Love
Joe's Garage
Zoot Allures

...and a bunch more.

And if that wasn't enough, we happen to know how to play more than just Zappa songs. Over the years we have put together hours of fun originals and rootsie covers to level off the madness and play some nice songs too.

the Gigs

-Upcoming Dates-

  • The Torch Club, Sacramento, Ca - March 23, 2023
  • The Starlet Room, Sacramento, Ca - May 4, 2023
  • Lavacap Winery, Placerville, Ca - June 3, 2023
  • Owlfest 11, Wilseyville, Ca - June 23, 2023

-Recent Shows/Venues-

  • Helwig Winery Big Crush
  • Helwig @ Dusk Concert Series
  • Owlfest 10

  • Helwig @ Dusk Concert Series
  • Owlfest 9
  • Two Rivers Cider Co
  • Old Ironsides

  • -------

Pre Covid
  • Helwig Winery Big Crush
  • Helwig @ Dusk Concert Series
  • Owlfest 8
  • Harlows
  • The Starlet Room
  • The Fountains Summer Concerts
  • Lavacap Winery
  • UC Davis
  • Sacramento State University
...and a bunch more.

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